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Project Houses

From The Dorchester House in season one to the Seaside Victorian Cottage in season 42 and every house in between, see all the project houses featured in the history of This Old House.

Season 44 - Atlanta Postmaster's House

This house was the focal point of the black community in South Atlanta, and was once owned by the area's first postmaster, Luther Price. The deep history and charm led homeowners Kysha and Jonathan to want to restore it for their family and use it as a homeschool for their children.

Season 42 - The Dorchester Triple Decker

This 1905 three-family home in Dorchester, MA endured a fire on the 4th of July in 2019. Thankfully, no one was hurt, but the house suffered significant damage. In addition to repairing the fire damage in the back of the house, all three kitchens will need restoration, and the water-damaged heating system needs to be replaced in the basement. Episodes air the first week of April on PBS. Check your local listings.

Season 42 - The Seaside Victorian Cottage

This three-bedroom, one-bathroom Queen Anne Victorian in Narragansett, Rhode Island sits on a corner lot, steps from the beach. It is in poor condition with rot, deterioration, and structural damage. The design will replicate the exterior architectural details, such as the curved shingles and the “rising sun” patterned clapboards, as well as improve the foundation and footings, fix and expand the deteriorating porch, and replace the rotting roof.

Season 41 - The Cape Ann House

Putting the history back into this turn-of-the-century beauty, homeowners John and Molly plan to strip away the 1970s carpet, cracking balusters, and doors to nowhere and reclaim the history of this rambling shingle-style home. Episodes begin on March 26, 2020. Check your local listings.