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Richard Trethewey

Plumbing and Heating Expert

Talent Shoot 2021, Studio, Portrait Chad Griffith

Richard Trethewey has been an integral part of the This Old House team since the home improvement show’s debut in 1979. Today, he also appears on the Emmy Award-winning show’s sister series, Ask This Old House, and on the podcast Clearstory.

Russell Morash, creator of This Old House, first called Richard’s father Ron, proprietor of Trethewey Bros. Inc., the family plumbing and heating business, with an idea for a home improvement show in 1978. Serving the Boston community since 1902, Trethewey Bros. Inc. enjoyed a tremendous reputation and was highly recommended. After one season, Ron was in love with This Old House, but not with the pressure of filming before cameras, so he asked his son to take over. It was then, in 1980, that Richard became the show’s plumbing and heating expert. “I guess I was just too young to be nervous,” he says of his TV debut.

Born and raised in Dedham, Massachusetts, Richard learned from his father and others involved in the family business by working summers and school vacations. He is a licensed master and journeyman plumber in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and has long been an advocate for professionalism in the building trades. Richard is the founder of RST Thermal, a manufacturer’s representative company that provides training to the skilled trades. His two sons, Ross and Evan, are active in the industry as well; Ross, a professional engineer, is president of TE2 Engineering. Evan is president of RST Thermal.

Richard lives on the South Coast of Massachusetts when he is not living aboard a sailboat in Boston. His interests include sailing and home renovation. He enjoys 4 grandchildren who are all “well above average”.

Follow Richard on Facebook, Twitter @thisoldplumber, and Instagram @thisoldplumber.