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A former editor at This Old House magazine, Sal Vaglica has been writing about home improvement for 15 years. When he's not working on his own home, you can find him at the hardware store geeking out about tools, gardening gear, and warning anyone who will listen that drywall screws are really just for drywall.

All About Radiant Floor Heating

Whether it’s warming a large addition or a cozy bathroom, radiant heat underfoot invisibly ups the comfort level. Here’s the lowdown on some of today’s most popular systems.

How to Build a Boot Cleaning Station

You can build this handy boot station with just a few essential tools and some lumber. Park it right outside your door, so you can effortlessly scrape off any muck and snow on your shoes all fall and winter. This simple DIY project only takes an hour to complete, plus no more tracking dirt into the house. Win-win!

How to Build a Small Firewood Rack

Create a firewood rack that fits your storage needs using simple 2x4 construction. This pressure-treated rack will last for years outside. And paired with a cover, it will keep your firewood dry and ready to use in fireplaces, pizza ovens, or firepits.

All About Fire Pits

From lightweight metal bowls that set up anywhere to fixed masonry wells that are a gather-round feature on a patio or a patch of grass, fire pits extend the outdoor-living season in style. Here’s how to choose one for your own space.

9 Must-Have Tools and Home Products for Fall

Here are 9 great tools and home-improvement products to help you tackle your to-do list for the fall.

Creating a Backyard Built for Playing Games

Turn a ho-hum lawn into a hub of activity with a sport court for horseshoes, croquet, or bocce. This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook shows you how

A Seabee Designs a Long-Distance Backyard Remodel

While deployed 7,500 miles from home, this reader designed his dream backyard on paper, then spent months building it.

Self watering planter

How to Build a Self-Watering Planter

Create a raised garden bed that you won’t have to babysit. With this simple DIY, you’ll use naturally rot-resistant cedar, fitted with some clever planter inserts, to make a low-maintenance container that automatically distributes water on its own.

Backyard Remodel: Living Large in a Small Yard

Check out these seven strategies for turning a not-so-big yard into a series of beautiful, useful outdoor rooms.


How to Build a Fire Pit Patio

On their own, handsome stone pavers expand a home’s entertaining space, but add a fire pit and your yard becomes a destination